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How to Lose Your
"Meno-Belly" and Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms without HRT 
 (Even If You've Already Tried Every Diet You Know)  
   Angela Counsel, CEO embrace Menopause 
Join Australasia's Leading Health and Lifestyle Program For Women Transitioning Through Menopause Today!
You Can Look and Feel
 Great in Menopause
It's time to change the narrative that Menopause is the worst time in a woman's life.
The embrace Program was created to support women through this important transition time. 
To put women back in control of their health and well-being.

And guess what?!
The 10 week embrace Program REALLY WORKS and the results that women get are amazing!

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What Other Women Like You Say
I'm Now Feeling Sassy at 60
Sally Smith

I can’t begin to imagine what life would’ve felt like if I’d still been in pain, carrying excess weight and suffering with itchy, broken skin.

I wanted to be sassy at 60 in April and that is exactly what I intend to be, in fact I’m feeling pretty sassy already!

I Couldn't Be Happier With My Body
Mary-Ellen Hill

 I couldn't be happier with my body, mind and zest for life that doing the embrace Program has given me.

Now I can use the tools and loving advice to achieve regular goals to become my unique self. 

I'm Not the Same Person I Was
10 weeks Ago
Melissa Stewart

Thanks to Angela and the embrace Program I am not the same person I was 10 weeks ago.

My world was literally blown apart and I can happily say that I have changed from living daily in survival mode to Thriving mode. It's exciting

I feel fitter, happier and more healthy
Maree McLachlan
 I can measure my success in reaching my goal as I now am permanently assigned to the “foredeck crew” on the yacht I’m on for racing on Sydney harbour!!! Happy days!!! 
Australasia's #1 Health and Lifestyle Program
Dedicated to Supporting Women Through Menopause

The embrace Program was created to specifically support women who wish to find a natural solution to managing their menopause transition.  In the past 5 years hundreds of women have discovered how they can navigate their menopause transition with ease.

This Program is For You If... 
You Feel like There's Got to be a Better Way!
You know that there must be a better way of feeling but you are confused with so much conflicting information that is available.  You are looking for a proven solution that will work for you.
The Thought of Taking HRT Doesn't Feel Right
Hormone Therapy is right for some women but not for everyone.  If you are someone who either can't take hormones or simple chooses not to, you are in the right place.
You Want to Live Life to the Fullest
You are ready to conquer those hills, sail those seas, venture around the world, meet new people or whatever it is that would represent you living life to the fullest.
Join Australasia's Leading Health and Lifestyle Program
Dedicated to Supporting Women Through Menopause
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We Have Helped Hundreds of Women
Improve Their Health and Change Their Life
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I Have the Instruction Manual to My Body
"It's been 6 weeks since I finished the embrace Program and the weight keeps coming off, my energy levels keep going up and I feel awesome.  The program has given me the instruction book to my body.  Before embrace I was seeing other practitioners and I was feeling fine but I wasn't awesome. Now I feel AWESOME!!"  Cat Matson
I am Addicted to Feeling Wow!
I've been cheating with my health for years and I knew that it was all catching up with me now in my middle years. Within five weeks I'd lost my extra weight. I cannot get over how much more energized I feel. That's been the biggest change for me because the increased energy levels has led to more clarity, in my thinking. I know that this is something that I can maintain because I'm addicted to feeling Wow.  Fiona Keary
I fell in love with my body in a deeper way
My skin has changed, the inflammation has disappeared. Now I crave vegetables. It's what my body's telling me what it needs…it has kind of allowed me to fall in love with my body in a deeper way… the respect thing has deepened. You're just feeding your body the way it needs to be fed…
Katy Abbott

I Improved My Health Substanially
When I joined embrace I had a lot of chronic health conditions. During the program I improved my health substantially. I'd also learned some things about myself that was really useful in relation to particularly what stresses me and then how to manage that, which I'm still implementing. Although exciting but I think less important is that I did lose eight kilos and I am still losing weight.
Virginia Wells

The embrace Program provides support in 3 key areas of your life
Personalised Food Lists that provide you with the specific foods that your body requires to thrive.
 Tools and resources to assist you in reducing stress in your life and improving your health and well-being. 
Personalised Coaching Support to help you to achieve your goals and improve your confidence and mindset. 
Here's What You Get...
When You Join the 10 Week embrace Program
Support From Angela
VALUE: $4000
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Angela is a very experienced Naturopath with almost 20yrs of experience supporting women with various issues around their hormones.

For the duration of the program you will have Angela's support to answer your questions and guide you to achieve your health goals.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a very powerful Healing Circle lead by Angela.  Many women believe that this event is what makes the biggest difference in their lives.

Weekly Group Q&A Calls
VALUE: $2000
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Each week you have the opportunity to learn more about your body and health.  Topics covered include:

Environmental Toxins
Liver Health
Self- Love

This is your roadmap.  Feel yourself exhale. Now you have a plan. You are READY!

8wks Coaching Support
VALUE: $2000
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You will receive 8 weeks of Coaching Support from a qualified Personalised Health Coach.

Your Coach will guide you through the different of your own Personal Health Profile. 

Feel confident knowing you have someone with the skills and knowledge you need to breakthrough. You will get the accountability that you need to achieve your goals.

embrace Resource Hub
VALUE: $1500
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The embrace Membership Hub is a library of videos, guidebooks and cooking masterclasses.

New classes are released each week and you have access to 24/7 for life!

Need a quick reminder about which cosmetics disrupt your hormones, or need to practice some Self-Love then jump into the Membership Hub and watch the videos and access the Guidebooks.

PLUS Get More Than $4000 In Bonuses!
When You Apply for the embrace Program TODAY
VALUE $1500
 You will receive your own personalised health plan which will be created based on your individual health and life needs.  Your Personalised Health Plan will provide you with detailed information regarding the best food, exercises and lifestyle choices for you.  
VALUE $150
The App is like having your own Personalised Health Coach with you at all times.  It will provide you with up to date information about the best foods, exercise and lifestyle choices for YOU.  You will also have access to thousands of recipes, Meal Plans, Shopping List. 
VALUE $1500
Do you get stuck on how to cook different foods? Our embrace Chef will be your guide to cooking delicious and nourishing meals using the foods in your personal food list. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she'll show you how to prepare a diverse range of nutritious and delicious meals. 

VALUE $750
One of the best and quickest ways to reset your hormones and bring them back into balance is to do a Gut and Liver Detox.  Your Coach will guide you through this short program with the aim to kickstart your health results and to re-balancing your hormones quickly.
VALUE $150

Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially when they come via post. Shortly after the embrace program begins you will receive your own embrace Self-Care pack which includes: embrace journal, essential oil blend, Women's Wellness tea and other surprises. 

Imagine Getting Results Like These.....
I feel excellent!
My self love has doubled, my anxiety and stress level has more than halved, my negative beliefs have halved, I have lost 5kg, I am sleeping deeply and wake up without alarm and fully rested. I feel generally healthy and more comfortable in my body, I am much happier, my skin love one and feels great and my hair is super healthy (the words of my hair dresser). I feel excellent! KIRANA H
Sheer BLISS!
Angela is so encouraging and the nodding of her head acknowledging my symptoms made me feel like there was hope to heal myself. I didn't think it would be possible to achieve all this in just under 12 weeks but I did. The best part is that I know how to maintain this feeling. Sheer BLISS. I am woman, hear me roar!
I'm loving my life! 
I was a mess. I can now go for walks and a bit of a run without my heart racing out of my chest. I no longer have to go lie down exhausted after 1/2 hr of doing nothing. I now feel lighter (I'm not just talking weight). I can breathe easier, don't get exhausted, and I just feel so much healthier. I wake  and feel I have something good to wake up to and I'm loving life and my body again.

Delivered more than I expected
This program has delivered a lot more than I was expecting. I am well on the way to achieving the health goals I had set, as well as learning about what health and lifestyle choices are best for me. The program has helped me integrate these into my life so they are sustainable for the long term. Angela is a wealth of knowledge, and her guidance and support has enhanced the whole experience.

Feeling lighter

Angela is a wealth of knowledge about all things related to menopause! Her open and honest approach makes this program unique. I am very happy with all that I have achieved in the past 12 weeks. I have learned so much and feel so much better in my body. Feeling lighter and a big difference in my legs and bum. Haha!!
Surprising how easy it was
This program had so many benefits - not only to my health but my psyche too. I never felt pressure on this program - which really helped me succeed. And being able to structure it into my own existence helps too. I do feel better. My sleep had improved dramatically. My weight has dropped. My energy upped. Clarity is better. And less bloating. So all a win win. It is surprising how easy it has been.

 My Story... 
About 7 years ago I was 20kgs overweight, in a lot of pain and was really not enjoying life much at all.  I was a highly stressed Mum of 2 teenagers, a wife and a business owner.  Having been a Naturopath for over 15 years, at the time, I thought I understood what Menopause was all about.  But I soon realised that I really didn't have any idea!

I spent thousands of dollars looking for solutions, trying to stop the pain and to lose weight.  Everything that I thought I knew wasn't working.  Then one day I heard about Personalised Health.
Understanding my own Personalised Health Profile changed my life.  I lost the weight (and have kept it off for over 5 years), my pain disappeared, I am rarely stressed these days and I am truly living the life of my dreams.

I now want to share what I learnt with as many women as possible.  Over the past 4 years hundreds of women have discovered their own Personalised Health Profile and have achieved similar results to me.

I am on a mission to share this information with as many women as possible so that everyone can have the life of their dreams

embrace program outline

Below you will see an outline of what will be covered each week in the embrace program.  This is subject to change based on the needs of the group.

 Week 1 
Goal Setting
We start with setting your Goals for the program and getting your Personalised Health Profile setup.
Week 2
Stress plays a significant role in your health outcomes and your hormonal balance.  This week we will dive into the different aspects of stress that might be impacting your life and you will learn some tools to help you manage your stress.

Coaching Call
This week is also your first week with your Health Coach who will introduce your to your Personal Health Plan and get you started with implementation.

Week 3
Environmental Toxins
Environmental Toxins impact your hormones more than you probably think, so this week we explore different ways to reduce your exposure to the common toxins that might be impacting your health and hormones.

Coaching call
During your Coaching Call this week you will start to take a deeper dive into your personal food list.  Your Coach will guide you with ways to make some small sustainable changes.

Week 4
Inflammation, Gut Health and Your Hormones
Your gut health plays a significant role in the way in which your hormones work, this week you will discover how to have a healthy gut and healthy hormones plus also what is causing inflammation in your body.

Coaching Call
Your Coach will be discussing health priorities with you and will be answering any questions or challenges you might be having around timings and food choices.  

Week 5
Healing Circle
This week you will have the opportunity to be a part of a very special Healing Circle.  Often as you make change in your life you can come up against various emotional blocks or challenges, this Healing Circle can help to clear these block and any self-sabotaging behaviour you might have.

Coaching Call
Your Coach will continue to support you with implementing changes that will support your continued good health.  And by now you are likely seeing some changes in the way that you look and feel.
Week 6
Personalised Detox
The Personalised Detox can seem like a scary thing to do but in fact many women can notice some very significant shifts in weight and other symptoms after doing this detox.  You can think of this detox as hitting a big Rest Button to help balance your hormones, clear your liver and support your digestive system  The detox protocol is different for each HealthType.

Coaching Call
Once again your Coach will be supporting you through this detox (she might even be doing it with you).  

Week 7
Sleep is crucial for good health and healthy hormones but unfortunately this can a place where many women struggle.  Hopefully by this stage in the program you have noticed changes to your sleep patterns but if you are still having issues we have a chat about some of the common poor sleep habits that might be impacting you.

Coaching Call
Your Coach will be helping you as you come to the end of your detox and with your transition back to your everyday eating plan.

Week 8
After having covered sleep last week, this week we are going to focus on energy and the steps that you can take to increase your energy levels, if they haven't already improved.  We will also talk about the things that "steal" your energy away from you.
I will also cover some of the key nutrient supplements that you might find useful to support your desired health outcomes.

Coaching Call
You are coming close to the end of your time with your Coach now is the time to ensure you have all of your questions answered.  Ideally your Personal Health Plan will be completed by now and if it isn't it is time to check in with your Coach about any areas that are incomplete.

Week 9
This topic is probably the most important topic of the entire program - Self-Love.  We have a special guest presenter this week, Kim Morrison who is the author of one of my favourite books - The Art of Self-Love.  On the special masterclass Kim shares with you the Circle of Self-Love and the steps you can follow to keep you on the circle.

Coaching call
This week is your final opportunity to get support from your Coach, who will be giving you some tips to maintain the great work that you have achieved to date.

Week 10
Congratulations now it is time to Celebrate with a special video sharing all of your great wins for the program.  We will discuss your next steps and encourage you to continue implementing the changes that are suggested in your Health Profile and using all of the tools that you have discovered during the embrace Program.
Some of you will say goodbye at the end of this session and some of you will have chosen to continue on inside the embrace Inner Circle.  Whatever your decision is I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the decision to put YOU first for the past 10wks and I hope that you were able to achieve some of the goals that you set for this program.

Join Australasia's Leading Health and Lifestyle Program
for Women Moving Through Menopause
Get over $11000 in Value

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the embrace program safe for me even if I have medical conditions?

Absolutely. It is the exact opposite of the risky one-size-fits-all traditional weight loss and exercise programs.  The embrace program is designed to deal with the underlying causes of your health and hormone problems.  We don’t prescribe supplements or herbs, which makes the program safe to undertake while you are on medications. 

In creating your Personal Health Plan, Angela will ask for a detailed health and lifestyle history, taking into account any medications or diagnosed conditions.

Can I do this program if I am on the oral contraceptive pill or HRT?

The short answer to this is yes, but it is important to understand that birth control and hormone replacement therapy are external or endogenous hormones (even if they are bio-identical). What these hormones end up doing is affecting your natural hormone balance. This might be a good thing for managing symptoms, but one of the common side effects is weight gain. Often when you stop taking these hormones, symptoms can return, sometimes worse than before.  The embrace program will help you to address your stress and reduce your symptoms so that you no longer need to rely on these hormones.

By following your personal health plan once you have stopped using external hormones, your body will quickly return to a healthy and vital state.

Am I guaranteed to lose weight on this program?

The embrace program is not a weight loss program. It is a health and lifestyle program that is guaranteed to have you looking and feeling better if you follow your personalised health plan. 

For most women this happy side effect of looking after yourself is weight loss.  There is a re-measure point halfway through the program to gauge your progress; at this time your plan can be adjusted if you are not getting the results that you want.

Is there any one to one component of the embrace Program?
No, embrace is a group program.  Over the past few years I have seen that women coming together in a group who are all on a similar journey get quicker results than women who choose the one to one option.

Is this program run online or is it face to face?

The embrace program is being run on-line with live coaching calls via Zoom. Calls are also streamed into the private facebook group so that you can watch them at a later time.

What currency is the price stated in?

All prices are in AUD

When will payments be deducted from my account?

If you have decided to take the payment plan option, the first payment will be due immediately.  All future payments will be made on a weekly basis on the same day as your first payment.  The money will be deducted from the same credit card that you used to make your first payment.

What day/time are the Group Calls and Coaching Calls held?

The Group Call with Angela will be on Monday at 5:30pm AEST (Queensland time). Coaching Calls will be on different days and different times.  Call times might be adjusted to suit time zones and availability of all attendees. You will be advised your Coaching day and time once you have been assigned to your Coach. We will do out best to accommodate everyone's need when it comes to times and days.

What happens if I can't attend the Group Calls or Coaching Calls?

All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the Facebook group so that you can watch at a later time.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you will receive a refund within 14 days if you feel that this program is not for you.  If you decide to leave the program you will be removed from the facebook group and will not have access to any further tools or materials.  There are no refunds after the first 14 days have passed.

I like the idea of this program but I am looking for one-on-one support rather than a group environment. Can you help with this?

One on One support is available with some of the Coaches, please email support@angelacounsel.com for more information and pricing on this.

If you have any further questions please email - support@angelacounsel.com

Join Australasia's Leading Health and Lifestyle Program
For Women Transitioning Through Menopause Today!
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